BACKBOARD (West E L Tablero) : The backboard should be made of transparent material, preferably reinforced safety glass, its hardness is equal to the thickness of three centimeters of wood. The dimensions of the backboard shall be 1.80 m wide and 1.05 m vertical, with the lower rim at least 2.90 m from the floor. The surface of the backboard should be flat. Draw a 59 cm wide and 45 cm high rectangle from the outside line. The upper edge of the bottom line of the rectangle must be connected to the top of the hoop. Basketball (West El Canasta) : The basket consists of a hoop (west El Aro) and a net (West La Red) . Hoops-made of solid iron with an inner diameter of at least 45 cm and a maximum of 45.7 cm and painted orange. The metal hoop has a minimum diameter of 1.6 cm and a maximum diameter of 2.0 cm. Basket-shall be white and shall be suspended from the hoop for the purpose of providing slight resistance to the entry of the ball into the basket. The basket shall have twelve eyes so that it can be suspended from the hoop with a minimum length of 40 cm and a maximum length of 45 cm. 3. Ball: The ball must be perfectly round, orange in colour, and the rind must be made of leather, rubber or synthetic material, weighing 600 to 650 grams and measuring 75 to 78 centimetres in circumference. The degree of pressure in the ball shall be measured from the bottom of the ball to a height of about 1.8 m on the playing field, and its rebound height shall not be less than 1.2 m or more than 1.4 m from the top of the ball.


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